ThingLink Certified Educators

ThingLink Certified Educators

An increasing number of schools are interested in including ThingLink and the new 360 photo editor for VR in their toolkits. This is an exciting time for us as we continue to build a very strong and talented team of experts who can help us grow. We are excited about the ThingLink Certified Educators Program and the great opportunities it will bring our leaders. If you love ThingLink and would like to be part of this team, we invite you to complete the 3 step process.

 Benefits of Official Active Status

  • Continued use of a ThingLink Premium Teacher account to access our best tools.
  • Assistance in planning PD for successful implementation in your own school or district.
  • Recognition as a certified expert within the education community and a badge to display.
  • Access to ongoing resources and support to stay up to date with the latest news and releases as ThingLink features are added.
  • Opportunities to promote your work on our blog and through webinars.
  • Chances to facilitate ThingLink Bootcamp sessions.
  • Support for your training sessions and plenty of bling.
  • Permission to consult educational organizations about using ThingLink interactive images in the classroom.
  • Opportunities to include ThingLink teacher or school licenses in training packages at a discounted rate. For each teacher or school activation, the certified educator receives a commission that is paid quarterly.
  • Top consideration for special projects, including content creation, as these opportunities arise.

Active Certified Educators help us grow by sharing their learning and expertise with our community. View the current Spotlight Speaker slides to get a glimpse of our talented group of educators. Please view this slideshow in full-screen mode and click on any of the examples to explore them live!

Become a ThingLink Certified Educator in 3 Steps

  1. Complete the application.
  2. Submit a 360/VR Lesson that meets our criteria to be used as the showcase example of your work as a ThingLink Certified Educator. You’ll be glad to have it. Check out the ThingLink Slideshow, linked below, for examples and resources
    1. Check out the ThingLink Education Interactive Slides for many examples and resources.
    2. Learn to create your ThingLink 360/VR with the help of an interactive poster, included in the slides. Tag It! Here you will find many video tutorials to help you.
    3. The required criteria is included in a checklist found in step 2

When you have completed your ThingLink, or if you need a little help, send an email me, to request a virtual meeting. If you include Certified Educator in the title that makes it easier for me. At the time of our meeting, we will discuss your goals, upcoming sessions, etc, and begin our work together.

Question? Please email


To remain active as a ThingLink Certified Educator we ask that you engage in one of these professional growth experiences every 6 months.

  • Share a blog post on the ThingLink Blog for Education, featuring your showcase 360. See  Guest Blogger Guidelines
  • Bring a Bootcamp to your Backyard, this is a one-time event that can lead to local PD opportunities for you
  • Share a spotlight speaker presentation during a webinar.
  • Bring ThingLink to your school or team and successfully implement a small rollout and project to be shared. We will support you fully.

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We are dedicated to providing our education community with inspiring ideas for teaching and learning with ThingLink through this blog. We hope you will continue to follow FAMU’s journey and read more ThingLink Certified Educator guest posts and subscribe to receive weekly updates highlighting our featured content.