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Archived Webinars

Celebrate the ThingLink 360 Breakout Challenge, 4/12/2017

Breakout EDU is taking education by storm! Think of the concept of an Escape Room but modified for education. Students will experience how to work as a team, think critically and problem-solve various challenges applied to any grade level or content area. This challenge was designed to help educators learn to use ThingLink 360/VR plus more digital tools to create and share a Digital Breakout activity. Celebrate and collect the Interactive, multimedia-rich Digital Breakout activities created by participants in the ThingLink 360 Breakout Challenge. Learn with us…

Finding and Creating 360 Images for ThingLink 360/VR, 3/13/17

Are you wondering where to find 360 images to create ThingLink Interactive virtual reality field trips, lessons, and learning experiences? Watch to explore:

  • The new library of high quality 360 images available through ThingLink’s new Teleport 360 App.
  • A repository of CC-licensed images for use in schools.
  • How to clone an existing ThingLink and reuse the 360 image.
  • How to use a handful of apps to find and create 360 images.
  • How to take 360 images on your phone.
  • How to resize images for use with our 360 image editor
  • How to display attribution on a ThingLink 360.

Join us in learning about Great Ways to Find & Create 360 Images for ThingLink 360/VR and learn with us.

Great Ways to Use Interactive 360 in the Classroom, 2/27/17

Enjoy a 30-minute overview demonstrating the possibilities for teaching and learning with interactive virtual reality across all content areas and grade levels. Participants will learn how to turn 360 images into engaging student-driven learning experiences using ThingLink’s 360 photo editor. We’ll look at ways to integrate the tools through the lens of the SAMR model of tech integration, by Dr. Ruben Puentedura. This will help educators make the most of using ThingLink 360/VR at each level. This session promises to be bursting with enthusiasm and packed with pedagogy to help educators learn, share, and create 360/VR Lessons.