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ThingLink…Accompaniment to Research?

ThingLink…Accompaniment to Research?

by Cynthia Robinson-Carney

My interest in ThingLink began when I saw an advertisement about becoming a ThingLink Certified Educator.  As an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT) for Richmond City Public Schools in Virginia, it is always important to me to find exciting and innovative tools to help teachers engage students with various content.  After exploring the program, it was clear that ThingLink is an amazing fit for an endless array of learning opportunities.  Indeed,  I am so excited to become more familiar with the tool and to be able to share it with the educators I work with.   

ThingLink Data to Inform Best Practice

Undoubtedly, Thinglink’s capability to draw learners in with its ability to combine rich images with tours and videos to create an experience that can be had from any school with wi-fi is unmatched.  Virtual reality is extending the walls, ceilings, and floors of schools and educational institutions across the globe. At the same time, after exploring Thinglink for myself, not as an educator, but as a researcher, I see the Thinglink as a unique tool for capturing the stories and experiences that provide data that could potentially inform best practice in an infinite number of fields.

ThingLink Research

Currently, I am conducting a research study on the emotional intelligence of educational technology leaders.  Typically, instructional technology leaders, like many educational coaching roles, do not hold legitimate power.  Instead, instructional technology leaders often harness the skills of building positive relationships, modeling best practice, and capitalizing on influential power to motivate others to move towards a goal.  My research entitled “The Emotionally Intelligent Instructional Technology Leader” is intended to capture the first-hand experiences of instructional technology leaders and the methods they use to help teachers embrace and integrate technology in the curriculum without the ability to require teachers to do so.  

Thinglink is a part of a paradigm to shift the way experiences are captured and delivered.  The written word alone is now accompanied by audio, video, images, and 360 degrees of view.  What if research were accompanied by the same rich elements of experience?

In addition to participating in a traditional, semi-structured interview, participants in my research study, will be asked to create a digital product that illustrates their work as an instructional technology leader.  Thinglink is among the exciting modalities participants may elect to choose in creating their digital products.   

ThingLink from Consumption to Creation

When Thinglink consumers switch from consumption to creation, striking illustrations that stretch and enhance the way we think about storytelling, teaching, and even research begin to emerge.  


About the Author

Cyndi Robinson-Carney, Certified EducatorCyndi Robinson-Carney is an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
(ITRT) for the Richmond City Public Schools in Richmond, VA. In her role, she supports three elementary schools with professional development and educational technology coaching. She is also a ThingLink Certified Educator, a Google Certified Educator, and a SeeSaw Ambassador.  Follow Cyndi on Twitter @itrt_c




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