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Our ThingLink Journey at FAMU…Now A Tour And A Film

Our ThingLink Journey at FAMU…Now A Tour And A Film

The Rattler

For the past year, Florida A&M University has been working with ThingLink to lead the charge among HBCUs in exploring the uses of 360/VR in the classroom and beyond. And as the interest around campus continues to grow in this area, so does the school’s influence in creating dynamic 360/VR content to impact lives everywhere.  This month, FAMU released its first official Virtual Reality Tour  which was inspired by a 360-Experience created using ThingLink last summer. 

For us, ThingLink was the perfect vehicle to show the school the possibilities and practical uses of 360 imagery and incorporating associated information to engage people in brand new ways. It was super exciting to be able to put the experience together.  It was the first one we created for the school! -L.Michelle Salvant, LMichelleMedia, ThingLink Certified ThingLink Educator


When I saw that first FAMU ThingLink experience, I began to think of the numerous ways The School of Business could use it to enhance the student’s educational experience.  I then found out we could work with ThingLink to bring a bootcamp to campus for educators and I started working to make that happen!  -Dr. Kelley Bailey, Professor, FAMU School of Business & Industry, ThingLink Certified Educator

And that was truly the beginning.  Now, in addition to the tour being released this month, the school has also partnered with L.Michelle and the Jump Start Program(Google VR), to produce and release a first of its kind 360/VR Film entitled “The Rattler

To take that a step further, L.Michelle used ThingLink to create a unique education kit to give film viewers, supporters, media professionals, and educators a look inside the creative process.

Thinglink has been an inspiration, and an  empowerment tool for FAMU to move forward in the 360/VR space.  We are looking forward to the many more projects to come.

Watch The Rattler

Watch on YouTube

Learn More & Connect

For additional information about this project and more, please connect with LMichelle via her website.

LMichelle Media


Directing The Rattler was truly a dream come true.  I’ve been a storyteller since 1997 and being able to use state of the art 3D/360 equipment to tell the unique story of my alma mater’s incomparable, Marching “100,” was Amazinggggg and such a Blessing on so many levels!–L.Michelle. Salvant

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L. Michelle Salvant & Dr. Kelley Bailey
L. Michelle Salvant and Dr. Kelley Bailey are ThingLink Certified Educators from Florida A & M University. They started by bringing ThingLink 360/VR to FAMu through a Bootcamp, and have established a lab on campus to help with seamless integration. We are excited to share their story as they work to fully implement teaching and learning with 360/VR and we are excited to help them bring ThingLink 360/VR to other Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
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